Sunday, August 5, 2012

Someday - August Rush

Another way out..
Just make a distant between me and my expectation..
I know those gonna be real someday..
But let me through these shit first..
No body said it will be easy..
And I'll put all my thought left behind..
Won't follow them.. I'll follow the light who made the dark shadow in front of me..
I see the shadow, the pain is still exist..
But I'll forget the shadow, leave the pain on it..
I won't do anything to make those pain revealed..
I'll put my memories lock, still trying to make it stay on it shelf.. I should not be bothered by the memories and my worried about the futures.
One thing that I still believe that God still on His plan, and its only one way that I've got through these.

I'm sick to made myself sick!
Nobody will understand, and everyone will say that I'm so much crazy..
And you'll say it same..
I just can't made myself higher than before..
I just made myself live.. To live another day without you..

There will be a rainbow someday..

Someday - August Rush - John Legend

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