Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dear #kamu

Dear #kamu..
Thank you for everything..
Thank you for the love that we felt before..
Thank you for all the happiest moment in my life..
You brightened my days.. and you kept shining for me..
You gave me an extraordinary streght..
You gave me a comfort place to share all my stories, and ease all my doubtness..
You make me believing that love doesn't recognize any differencies..
You the one that make me to love you unconditionally...

and I'm so sorry for my less acceptance.. I should not to ruin all those things just because of my ego.. Like an earth having its own two sides, daylight and night.. Like a coin have two sides.. So we are..

Dear #kamu..
I still have your voice record on my mind and off course on my phonecell..
I still can hear you sing that song for me.. so everytime I miss you, just switch the button on..
And I still have you on my heart.. Let time heal us.. We'll be fine..
We never know what the future bring us..
We don't know what universe will do for us.. ;)
Like we believing before, that all the things happened to us were not coincidence..
Someone, Something has made those. If we are meant each other, the universe will work for us.
I hope you are doing fine there, with all the load, you can carry those. And I believe you can pass it through well.
We'll be separated by a thousand milles and it won't make any difference at all.
I know you still keep me on your heart like I always do.

Like you said before, we can still be a best friend. I still can count on you, and off course you do.

I believe you keep watching me from your place, like I always do.
Take care biiboo.. You always be my biiboo..no one else..

*2nd day after the hurricane

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