Thursday, August 9, 2012


A : I was asking You..

G : And I gave you, right?

A : Yeah, and I was grateful..

G : Then, now what is on your cheek?

A : Tears..

G : Why?

A : I lost him!

G : Don’t you understand, once I gave you, it’ll be yours forever, unless I change my mind and take it back..

A : I don’t understand.. He’s gone..

G : He’s gone? Just look into your heart now.. listen.. feel it.. He still there, rite? He won’t go if you keep it..

      Every time you talk to me, you talk to him…

      Every time you call me, you call his name..

      Every time you breathe, you have his on your breath..

      Every time your heart beat so fast, you are both closed..

      And it is called Love..

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