Tuesday, April 12, 2011


A fellas called. They said that they decline for supporting us for any future project. They supported us for any inquiry I sent but they never got even one PO. Its not because they price is not competitive but they never called for any negotiation, even they were the lowest bidder.
Me as the buyer is so embarassed! But I don't have any authority to make any decision. Shit..fels like I stand without any feet neither hands. I'm just a robot which dealing with these paperworks!

Hei... Working without any spirit is meaningless! The soul has been killed with this kinda situation.

Last year, I prayed so hard to get out from my last company then it was fulfilled by Him.. But then from the very first beginning I joined with this company, I felt not comfort. I thought it just a process of adaptation, now 6 months passed, and the feeling is still the same!
I was wrong to choose a decision.
But then what? A regret can't change anything!
A moved has to be made!

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