Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Making friends is all that I need..
Having a good friends is a great blessed from Him.. And I'm thank God for this!!!
One of my good friend told me this : "Seems like the whole world are attacking you or.. They leave you? What a life @novadantari. Hangin' there sugar, you can make it!!!"
Ahaaaa.... Feels like having a warm hug from her... Even only by words.. But it really light up my sorrow...

Hey my good friends, a.k.a best friends, I thank God for having all of u in my life!!!
From the past, present, nowhere, ahaa...
Every person know exactly how to cheer me up with their own way.
Even sometimes we had a fight, but then we both know the way to fix it up.
This things what we called "a good friends" - "Best friends forever".

This note is dedicated to :
Dene who sometimes 'ping' me for some good reasons then having a valuable chit chat at au lait either bbm. Basicly, we both r 'd same, got 'd hurted past story and this is what made us stronger than 'd other.
Ibhet who always offer me a warm hug, late nite dinner, a great partner to become a chef :p . With an awesome thought. Unpredictable behaviour! A really good partnership on sharing a story by writing, we've done it since we were on high school, and damn...its been 12 years. :D
Nanette, the easy going partners. We got a lot of moments since we're 12 years old :) sharing a lot of love stories when we're still at high school, with the foolish love.. Ahaa...
Yenni, 'd most talented... She can change ur life with her hands and her voice. With a lot of reasonable thoughts, she always think on both side!
Bernard, he's 'd humble person. Always beside me whenever I need his help, even just to drive either ride me to a place.
Mantos, he's my partner for almost every nite, for having a chit chat, discussing everything. With his 'straight' thought and his conventional behaviour. Know each other for only by five months, but having an extra ordinary moments.
Joey, a miles apart doesn't make us far enough for sharing the foolish thing. I got a lot of men's thought from him. He made me understand men from the way he thought.
And for the last, Rado, he's 'd man :) yeah.. In the age of him, he got the highest thought from a man that I knew before. A thousand miles apart never be the highest bearer for us. Always be a trash for all my sorrow, my happiness, my tears, my laugh, great partner for sharing, discussing. Thank you my dear for growing up this feeling on you. I never regret it. A fight on the past, really made up my mind, not only mine but us.

For my good friends, which are not stated, so sorry, it doesn't mean that I forget u neither not made u as my good friends. It just a matter of my memory which should be upgraded!

I love u guys...

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