Thursday, February 24, 2011

Just a song

Maybe I'm blind, maybe I'm blind
Oh I couldn't see you shine
And shimmer right in front of my eyes
Front of my eyes, oh no

I thought I saw light, thought I saw light, oh
it was a faded mirror, just a dim reflection but
But you shine, you shine so much brighter, oh

And honey let me sing you a song
And listen to my words as they come out wrong
But don't run away, run away this time
Honey let me look in your eyes
You open them one at a time
But don't look away, look away this time

Open your mind, open your mind
And let your beauty flow like wine
But please don't leave me,
Don't leave me outside, leave me outside, oh no

And honey I'll try, honey I'll try
To hold you like the starriest skies
We lie beneath tonight
And you shine, you shine so much brighter, oh



OOOHH…. That’s just only a song….

With so damn beautiful lyric.


I was blind.. (that time)

I can’t see your light? (yeah,,, cos it was blue and getting dark day by day)

If at the end , we found our worst and we can’t take it, so we were not deserved to get our best.

If we gave up that day, with no words..neither goodbye words.. just let it be.


And now, please take the space which you’ve created before.

I thought we are happy with those space, so let it be..

I may not look back to the memory neither you.

It was closed.

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