Friday, January 10, 2014

Im giving up

It aint easy..
It aint easy..
But I believe I CAN..

The brain is not designed to do this stuff..
Starting to get the right person who can be believed..
Comparing with..
Cherry pick..

And have no one to be talked to..
I need a pa.. a ma.. in the name of fam..
It aint easy..

I almost give up..

A ma..
Ur daughter is big enough.. but not that big..
Feel so small.. only a dot..
A ma..
A ma..
I need your help..
I do need someone help..
Can u talk to a pa or to the son of yours?
Im giving up to talk to..

A ma.. a ma..
Im sorry to call u everytime when this thing come to my head..

Who gonna look after me?
I am standing alone..
Am I that strong?
Its too windy.. too tough to pass on..

Im giving up..

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