Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Another grace..

Another grace..
Another blesses..
Another love..
You showers me with abundance love..
It's called "blessed"
And I can't stop saying "gratefull"..

The way we move..
The way we laugh..
The way we share..
The way we pray..
The way we love..
The way you be patient of my tough..

And I thank God for your existence..
Thank to your mom that she delivered you..
Thank to your parents for the way they treat you as their child..
Thank to my besties for her wedding.. it's not called coincidence.. it's called "His path"..

We pray for us..
I know we put our faith on us.
Let us made the best we can do.. and believe  God that He'll do His part..

Thank you my #gorillacoklat..

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