Thursday, July 11, 2013


your happiness is not belong to someone..
it's not belong to friends neither your parent..
it's belong to yourself..
whatever you are.. 
you are happy as you are..
ease your gray.. and fill it with bright..

*dedicated to another 'you'.. 
Im sorry.. Im just a little bit boring with your daily shit that you've shared..
You should be happy cos life is so easy on you.. but why should worries?
- life is balance, what goes around will comes around

Musti S2? Musti kerja di kantor yang bagus?
Photo2 loe musti di luar negeri?
Musti ganteng pula yak?
Begghh..standard loe ketinggian cuy..
Cinta butuh pengorbanan.. either loe yg nurunin standard loe atau dia yang musti ninggiin standard hidupnya.. tapii.. kalo cuma ''sementara' yaaa percuma.. ga ada juga yg bisa tahan...
Hihihihi... be happy friend..
Loe bisa jauh lebih bahagia ketika 'single'.. be a couple ga selalu menjamin hidup loe bahagia..

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